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In recent years, Luciana’s work, for the now renowned sneakers brand HOFF, stands out. She was the driving force behind the brand's purpose, identity, positioning and content. HOFF has become the most important and beloved sneaker brand in Spain and an international phenomenon with a presence in over 70 countries. The brand is now stocked in hundreds of retailers including Printemps (Paris), Antropologie (UK) and Bloomingdale's (US), with a revenue of over €50 million.

Taking inspiration from industrial and interior design, Luciana previously launched her own brand of premium hats MAZZA with a collection of “investment pieces” combining craftsmanship, high quality materials and timeless designs.

Prior to that, Luciana founded independent fashion & lifestyle print magazine Simply The Mag. The magazine was an editorial view on the fashion world and worked as a platform for emerging talents in photography, illustration and film. She was also Editor-in-Chief of multiplatform So Blue Magazine, a branded content project for Spanish premium water Solán de Cabras, which played a central role in the celebration of the brand's 225th anniversary. 

Emily Ratajkowski
John Newman and Bryan Adams
Alex Rivière-Sieber

Emily Ratajkowski John Newman and Bryan Adams Alex Rivière-Sieber

About Simply Prorsum

Simply Prorsum was a Madrid based creative boutique specialising in fashion, beauty & lifestyle co-founded by Luciana in 2010. For more than 10 years, the agency has collaborated with brands such as Chanel, Dior or L’Oreal and names like Emily Ratajkowski, Bryan Adams, or Rossy De Palma.

Simply Prorsum: a name, but also a philosophy. The word "prorsum" means “forward" and it is derived from the Latin word “prosum" which translates to "be of use”. The idea behind the boutique: to simply look forward and enjoy the journey.

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